As you probably noticed, the name of my Blog is “A Man and His Martini.” A curious person might ask, “Why is your favorite drink a Martini?” The answer is very simple, I follow in my parent’s footsteps. Growing up my dad’s favorite drink was vodka on the rocks, and in my 21 years of living I struggled to drink vodka straight. There is something about pouring lighter fluid down your throat that is not the most enjoyable experience. It was not until this past year that I was able to comfortably drink Whisky straight. The vodka martini is trimming the fat off of vodka straight while the olives are nice little chaser in your journey of finding happiness at the bottom of the glass.

To convey to the world the transformative power of the vodka martinis, I made an in-depth overview of how to make the perfect Bhaskar Martini for any occasion. One might think that Martini is limited to a certain occasion, which could not be farther from the truth. Vodka martinis are refreshing during the summer at a rooftop bar, they can have you feeling nice during a syllabus week pregame, and in the winter, they give you that liquid blanket everyone craves. I will describe the vodka martini as a cross between the elegance of the Rolls-Royce in the New Age prowess of Lululemon.

The Basics

Vodka martinis require two important ingredients and handful of other devices that enhance the experience. The most necessary ingredient is vodka, you will not make a vodka martini with any vodka that is sold in a plastic bottle. The vodka needs to be tasty, and ideally very smooth. For a college student I recommend Tito’s, Sminofff, or Stoli. Since I made this martini at home, I selected the Maybach of vodkas known as Kettle One. Since a young age there has always been a handle of kettle one to admire until I was legally allowed to have my first sip of alcohol at the ripe age of 21. Depending on how you’re feeling, you can either use two or three shots. The second ingredient is vermouth, you only need a splash of vermouth so the bottle can last upwards of a year even if you’re drinking a martini every week. The first tier 2 ingredient is olives, which is often overlooked by the amateur martini maker. Hands down the best olives are jalapeno stuffed olives, they had a little bit of a spicy zing as you sip the martini. The olives absorb vodka and mixes nicely in your mouth. The other instruments of the martini are the shaker, high-quality ice, and a martini glass. You will also need toothpicks.

Step 1:

When you have to drink vodka, do you prefer it frozen in a freezer or at room temperature? The answer to that question is simple, frozen. The first step of making a delicious martini is to put the glass into the freezer and allow the glass to get very cold. When you remove it from the freezer, and room temperature air caresses the glass, it should create a coating such as below.

Step 2:

While you’re letting the glass freeze it is incredibly important to get the Olives ready. You will remove exactly 3 olives and put them on a toothpick. Three is a lucky number, one because it is Bhaskar’s favorite, but more importantly because it has symbolic meaning in the Buddhist and Hindu religions.

Step 3:

Take your martini shaker, every gentleman will have one, and fill it up with ice. Add three shots of vodka, because you’re a man and shake and shake and shake. Please reference my technique to understand how to shake properly.

Step 4:

Now remove the glass that was chilled and put a dash of vermouth in the bottom, swirl it so the vermouth coats the side of the glass before dumping all the vermouth. The vermouth is similar to sprinkles or icing on the cake, only a dash is needed.

Step 5:

Add the chilled vodka to the chilled glass with vermouth and delicately add the olives. Now drink, ideally you should finish between 15 to 30 minutes before the vodka gets too warm. If it takes you longer that’s fine but it’s much more of a beta move.


Martinis are amazing, they are there for me in the best and worst of times. They are as classy as James Bond; I visited the bar in London where martinis originated and have been inspired to be a martini drinker for life. The stories I have of drinking martinis are numerous, and I hope you will have some too after mastering my recipe.

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