What is the most magical moment in every senior’s life at Penn State? Ask around, and most will have a single answer. The beautiful hours between 10PM – 12AM at Pmans (for the Non-Penn State folk that’s Primanti Brothers.) By far the most exclusive and desired location to be at on a given Friday or Saturday night. There could be a negative wind chill with a blizzard outside and THERE WILL ALWAYS be a line down the block. Even a short line, something that looks like it might take 5 minutes, ends up taking 45 minutes and is worth it.

The first magical moment entering Pmans is handing George your ID and getting the pass of approval. The second magical moment that makes everything worth the wait is the happy hour from 10PM – 12AM. Once the clock strikes 10PM, every Chad, Brad, Becky, and Kristina will be waving their plastic card begging for the magical Mind Eraser. Usually by 11PM, $10 has been spent on 5 Mind Erasers, and most peoples’ minds have been erased.

So, what is a Mind Eraser?

A drink (or large shot) like no other. There is one simple rule with a Mind Eraser “Thou must’ chug as fast as possible through the straw, as abhorring is disrespectful to the drink.” In all seriousness, this custom is taken very seriously. A friend visited and was sipping on the drink (mistake #1), quickly a mob appeared and peer pressured him to chug his drink (which he rightfully abided by.)

The Ingredients

Believe it or not, Mind Erasers are incredibly simple to make and only involve three ingredients (see why my favorite number is 3!). I talked with Pmans employee Tori Koerber to get the inside scoop on the ingredients.

1. Vodka (the most versatile and dynamic liquor)

2. Coffee liqueur (preference is Kahlua)

3. Club soda

For vodka, in complete honesty, anything will do. Obviously, the taste is better and makes chugging easier with a higher caliber spirit. It would be a waste to use Grey Goose or Kettle One vodka as you are chugging the drink and will therefore not be able to enjoy the taste of the vodka. For a college student my recommendation is New Amsterdam or Svedka.

Note: This goes without saying, but for the love of God DO NOT use a flavored vodka.

Making the Drink

A Mind Eraser is a layered drink, meaning there is a specific order to adding the ingredients. This creates a sequenced order of tastes. The Kahlua is a sweet coffee liquor that helps blunt the aggressive taste of vodka. The club soda adds carbonation and acts as a nice chaser; clearing the palate. Ice is also a nice addition, a chilled cocktail (especially with lower quality spirits) will enhance the experience. The straw is also a necessity allowing the drinker to start with the Kahlua.

Step 1-3

First, add ice to a small or mid-sized glass. Something along the lines of a whisky or cocktail glass. Second, add at least a shot (or a bit more) of Kahlua followed by at least a shot (or a bit more) of Vodka. Third, top with club soda and add the straw.

Memories of the Mind Eraser

There is something special about communal group drinking. I think most people at social gatherings (whether a rooftop bar, barbeque, or family reunion) would have a better experience with just a bit more to drink. The Mind Eraser is that drink. It is fun, tasty, and quite boozy.

Insights from a fellow Bartender

Served best in a smaller glass, with lots of ice (cubed, not crushed). One-part Kahlua, one-part Vodka, one-part Club Soda (in that order). Meant to be chugged through a straw, so use a straw with a big enough hole (not a stirring straw). Do not use flavored vodka, as the Kahlua will mask the taste for the most part. However, do not use cheap vodka – any nice vodka is preferred. Ingredients do not need to be chilled, as this would make it harder to chug plus the ice cools the drink down anyway.” – Max Harley

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