I recently completed my sober month with a few relapses along the way. Taking a break is always important in life. We should not be defined by a singular characteristic or ever create a true dependency on something external.

Yet, there was something missing that can only be found in alcohol. Not necessarily the taste (although I did miss that), but the social lubricant that alcohol often serves. I used to joke with my friends “why do parties need alcohol?” and I don’t think people need alcohol, but it helps in creating memorable experiences. The endless conversations that keep friends up to sunrise are normally fueled with a beverage.   

Recently, I had an excellent afternoon that turned into an evening. The key ingredients? Great company, music that fits the vibe, a tasty appetizer (homemade guacamole), and a few drinks to bring the present to the forefront and lets the worries wash away.

But! The drink of choice also signified a changing of seasons. The warm and often humid Pittsburgh summers are disappearing as the cool, crisp air floats through the city. It’s a magical time and fall might be my favorite season. Now you might be wondering, “Bhaskar this is great, you’re a truly exceptional writer but how does this pertain to cocktails?” Well old chap, the changing of seasons correlates to a change in cocktails. Gone are the light and fruity cocktails as we welcome more bold, dark liquor, and earthy cocktails into our lives.

Let’s get lost sipping whisky forward drinks sitting around a fire while wearing flannels. I wanted to step outside my comfort zone to find this whisky forward drink… the outcome is a very tasty cocktail known as The Godfather. Before the purists start yelling, yes, the cocktail is Scotch based but it’s absolutely delicious. It is a simple drink incorporating Scotch (ideally blended) and Amaretto (a sweet Italian liqueur with an almond taste). The ratio of those two ingredients can be changed depending on preference. The more Amaretto, the sweeter the drink.

Time to become lost with the Godfather.

The Godfather


  • 2 oz Scotch (Blended)
  • 1/4 oz Amaretto


  • Mix Scotch and Amaretto (add more or less depending on sweetness preference) in a cocktail mixer with ice and stir till chilled.
  • Strain over ice and enjoy.

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