In aims of finally getting jacked, I’ve been seeing how long I can sustain around ~1,800 calories a-day. This pursuit becomes futile on the weekends when one frequents Tequila Cowboy, Carson City, and the need for greasy food the next day but only time will tell if living on extremes work.

Additionally, in the middle of summer there is no better feeling then getting off work and having a drink. You could probably deduce by the motivation to make this blog I very much enjoy liquor more than just about anything else. Wine is the dark-horse I love to dabble with, but beer just never quite gets me going. Luckily this is opportune for summer as the most efficient ways to enjoy the ~therapeutic effects of alcohol while saving calories is vodka.

Now you might be wondering, “Hey Bhaskar don’t you love vodka martinis?” Of course I do, but there is a drink for every occasion and it’s not always the move to have a vodka martini after work as I’m changing into my comfy clothes.

However, summer water is…

Summer water is basically an upscale vodka soda that is significantly better than a vodka soda. I first made the drink out of necessity in Charleston while working from home. With limited cocktail supplies I only had vodka, a cocktail shaker, a muddler, a basil tree named “Charlie”, and cucumbers. So what did I do? I added the cucumbers, vodka, basil to the shaker and muddled.

The end result, topped with soda water and some freshly squeezed lime of course, is so refreshing. It was an instant crowd pleaser and has been ever since.

I hope you can find enjoyment in this drink like I did. Drink something that tastes like fresh cucumber water with enough vodka to get a healthy buzz? Sounds like a recipe that needs to be taught to the masses.

Summer Water

Cucumber Water that gets you buzzed.


  • 3 oz Vodka
  • 3 slices Cucumber
  • 3 leaves basil
  • 1 whole lime
  • Soda Water


  • Add 2-3 shots of vodka to a muddler with some freshly sliced cucumber and a solid amount of basil leaves
  • Muddle, and then keep muddling
  • Shake with ice and add to a cocktail glace with ice
  • Top with soda water and add freshly squeezed lime juice

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